How to Break Porn Addiction

Are you suffering porn addiction? Want to quit it? Then you have come to right place. Here we help you to quit porn addiction.

Save Your Children from Pornography

Pornography is something that hits you in the early years of life. In the US, The average age when a kid first looks at a pornographic material is only 11 years. Those parents that think their child is too young to know about pornography are usually shocked when they find out that their kid has been addicted to pornography for many years. Pornography addiction usually starts with curiosity and is eventually promoted with the feeling of lust. This results in a continuous cycle that perpetuates this event to higher levels in a step-by-step manner. This not only results in the kid’s decreased participation in other healthy activities, but it also casts bad effects on the academic performance of the kid.

Another very negative aspect of pornography addiction is the development of false and usually harmful concepts about sex. The type of sexual activities shown in pornographic materials today is far from the natural sexual acts thus, it nourish drastic concepts about male and female interactions.

A child has a very tender and receptive nature. Anything can quickly make way into their memory and have long-lasting effects both in their attitude as well as actions. Pornography addiction in teens is the most common cause of extreme and usually harmful sexually activities. Excessive masturbation in teenage boys and girls is also linked with your porn addiction. Sexual accidents like testicular torsion, asphyxia, penile and urethral injuries and trauma to the perineum are mostly commonly caused by wrong concepts of sexuality introduced by pornography.

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